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The newsletter that will make you discover alternative architectural realities assisted by Artificial Intelligence combined with creative storytelling.
  • Visualize buildings that were never built
  • Imagine projects that challenge the norm
  • Be inspired by visionary ideas
  • Dream about alternate realities
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The Perfect Blend of Reality and Fiction

combining realistic images and creative storytelling to create...
Imaginary Projects

We first imagine a brief with historical context, client, location, constraints... and then we explore what architectural solutions could address these requirements and needs.

Parallel Realities

Sometimes the smallest detail can have a huge impact on history. What would some of the buildings that exist today be like if history had not unfolded exactly as we know it?

Glimpses into the Future

History continually shows us that what may seem like fiction one day can become reality the next. Let's imagine what architecture might look like in the future, which may not be as far off as we think.

Still can't picture it?

here are some examples of "realities" we've created
The North Star. NYC
Casa Vista. Los Angeles
Nexus Observatory. The Andes
Rudolph University of Philosophical Studies. Philipines
Cascade Stronghold House
"Helix of Tomorrow" Bridge
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Will Artificial Intellige replace architects? We don't think so, but it will undoubtedly revolutionize many fields (it already is), including architecture.

We explore Artificial Intelligence as a creative tool, capable of helping us reflect, research, and propose.

Who We Are

At WikiArquitectura, we are as passionate about the history of architecture as we are excited about its future.

We have been studying architecturally significant buildings for over 17 years, documenting and analyzing them. As an encyclopedia, our goal is always to present accurate and verified information.

However, at NOT Real Architecture, we create alternative realities with the assistance of various Artificial Intelligences and other tools. The purpose of these exercises is to explore different viewpoints, go beyond what architecture is capable of achieving (yet), and to invite you to let your imagination fly with us once a week :)

Have Questions?

How is the content generated?

Both images and texts are created with the assistance of various artificial intelligences in combination with post-production software.

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How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of all our emails.

Who is this newsletter intended for?

All the “realities” we create have some background linked to the history of architecture that any architect or architecture student will appreciate.

However, we believe these “realities” may be interesting to any architecture lover or generally curious person.

Why a newsletter and not a website?

To prevent someone from confusing this content with reality.

We believe that creating alternative “realities” can be a very interesting research tool and provide value to anyone who wants to explore them. But we do not want these explorations to be mistaken for reality under any circumstances.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you are aware that the material we will send you is not real architecture, and we will send the contents directly to your inbox, where only you can see them. This prevents someone from finding these contents while browsing the internet and mistakenly taking them for real if they are not paying enough attention.

By definition, Architecture is the art of imagining structures and spaces before they exist.

At NOT real architecture, we use Artificial Intelligence and other technological advancements to imagine architecture.

Amazing! I wish some of these buildings really existed.

Diego Levante
Architecture Student (Argentina)

The quality of the images is astonishing... I find it hard to distinguish them from reality. Incredible!

Fatima Al Zahra
Architecture Student (Morocco)

It's like "fan fiction" but for architecture. I love imagining myself in these parallel realities.

Ricardo Sotomayor
Freelance writer and architecture enthusiast

It reminds me of "The Man in the High Castle" in how you imagine reality as if something in history had been different.

Ahmed Khan
Architecture Student (Pakistan)

What a great way to use Artificial Intelligence. This proves it can be used for good things.

Marta Espinosa
Art History Professor

I want you to turn this into a fiction series. I'm already hooked!

Ana Belén Gómez
Architecture Student (Spain)